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Freihof Hazelnut Geist

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The 1885 collection of Austrian schnaps and spirits are award-winning creations.



The 1885 collection of Austrian schnaps and spirits (geist- Literally spirits as in ghost) are award-winning creations and are characterized by their high proportion of distillate.
When enjoyed pure and in the recommended glass, their genuine taste comes into their own.
Moreover, they offer endless possibilities for creative long drink and cocktail variations.


Aroma: brilliant mix of aromas, subtle roasted hazelnuts, delicate almond and marzipan, caramel, cocoa beans, elegant essential oils, quite fresh

Taste: malty and creamy, typical hazelnut-cream character, finely roasted nuts, nougat, delicate bitter almond, vanilla, smooth marzipan sweetness, dense, great harmony and a very long finish

Country: Austria
50cl, 38% Abv