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MAYACIEL Tequila Blanco

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Carefully handcrafted and produced in small batch sizes, MAYACIEL Tequila Blanco is characterised by outstanding quality and a unique taste experience.
The Blanco presents itself fruity and fresh in taste, with the agave clearly in the foreground.
A hint of lime and vanilla as well as subtle peppery notes provide a special edge.


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MAYACIEL Tequila Blanco

Modern and puristic, MAYACIEL presents itself as Tequila Generation Next.
The cuts and design of the bottle reflect the gently rolling mountain landscape of the Sierra Madre. This mountain range frames the wide Agave fields and is home to MYACIEL Tequila.

The copper tone on the labels of the Tequila Blanco reflects the colour of the fruitful soils of the region.


Being a purely natural product, Tequila can only be as good as the plant it’s made of. These selected agaves form the basis for MAYACIEL’s outstanding quality, and only the best and ripest agaves are used for the production of their Tequila. The plants thrive without the addition of artificial fertilisers for six to eight years on the fertile soils of Jalisco before they are harvested.
After harvesting, clear spring water filtered through volcanic rocks is added with wild yeast from the air kicking off the natural fermentation process.


Floral aromas and a genuine agave scent.

Fruity and fresh – a touch of lime, vanilla as well as subtle pepper notes and lots of agave!

Long lasting and complex, yet gentle to enjoy.

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