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MAYACIEL Tequila Reposado

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Handcrafted in limited batches from the ripest agaves from their own fields, MYACIEL Tequila is elegantly finished by careful maturation in Caribbean Rum oak barrels.
Tequila Reposado combines a fine symphony of fresh agave, sweet vanilla and caramel flavours and subtle barrel spice.


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MAYACIEL Tequila Reposado

Modern and puristic, MAYACIEL presents itself as Tequila Generation Next.
The cuts and design of the bottle reflect the gently rolling mountain landscape of the Sierra Madre. This mountain range frames the wide Agave fields and is home to MYACIEL Tequila.

The bronze tone on the label harmonises with the Reposado’s amber colour and at the same time reminds us of the Caribbean origin of the casks.


MAYACIEL use hand-picked rum casks from the Caribbean for the maturation of their Reposado. In a first step, the barrels are prepared in an elaborate process for the subsequent restocking.
The careful storage in the oak barrels gives the Reposado its fine yet multi-layered aroma.
Tequila Reposado is matured in the barrels for about half a year.


Being a purely natural product, Tequila can only be as good as the plant it’s made of. These selected agaves form the basis for MAYACIEL’s outstanding quality, and only the best and ripest agaves are used for the production of their Tequila.
The plants thrive without the addition of artificial fertilisers for six to eight years on the fertile soils of Jalisco before they are harvested.
After harvesting, clear spring water filtered through volcanic rocks is added with wild yeast from the air kicking off the natural fermentation process.


Aromas of cooked agave paired with a gentle sweetness of vanilla and caramel.

An aromatic interplay of fresh, floral agave as well as tropical fruits and a subtle Caribbean barrel spice

Elegantly silky and a wonderfully smooth finish.

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